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Buon Appetito e Allegria!
Serving Sussex since 1986

Stef Diella with aother consignment of fine Italian wine for the good people of Seaford

White Wine

115 HOUSE WHITE 175ml £4.50 / 250ml £5.95 / £16.95 Btl.

We stock several house whites, ask for more details.

105 Sauvignon McCorkindale, New Zealand, £35.0

Gooseberry, red currants, hints of passion fruit & lime zest

104 Soave Classico Ca’ Visco, Italy, £29.5

Dry with an intriguing freshness, fruity and savoury finish, we think the best Soave you will ever try.

103 Sancerre Domaine de Vacheron, France, £32.0

Concentrated gooseberry fruit flavours with a steely dry palate, One of the best Sancerre available today!

109 vermentino Costamolino di Sardegna, Italy, £25.0

Pine and mint coupled with ripe stone fruit and sweet citrus

110 Orvieto Classico Villa Barbi, Barbi, Italy, £23.0

Fruity, savoury with a hint of apricots & a fresh nose.

111 Grillo roceno Sibiliana, Italy, £23.0

Multilayered, rich in floral aromas and ripe peach fruit.

112 Pecorino Casal Thaulero, Italy, £25.5

Full bodied with citrus, pepper, mineral-rich flavour.

114 poggio alle fate Chardonnay £23.0

Castello di Albola, Italy.

Unoaked, classic chardonnay, delizioso!

116 Gavi di Gavi , Minaia, Nicola Bergaglio, Italy, £27.0

Scents of green apples, crisp pears & fresh almonds, Powerful & delicate, Andrea Bocelli in a bottle.

106 vermentino di sardegna-aragosta £27.0

Santa Maria la Palma, Italy, Light and wonderful mineralogy, delightfully fresh. This is one of our all time favourite white wines.

117 verdicchio Fazi Battaglia, Italy, £27.5

Rounded lemon flavour, almond aromas and crisp finish. Probably the nicest Verdicchio in the World?

Red Wine

130 HOUSE RED 175ml £4.50 / 250ml £5.95 / £16.95 Btl.

We stock several house reds, ask for more details

121 Shiraz Sunnycliff, Australia, £23.5

Spices, liquorice & deep blackcurrant fruit.

123 Merlot Aquileia Superiore Ca` Bolani, Italy, £29.75

Soft & well rounded, full of strawberries & ripe currants.

124 Salice Salentino Riserva San Marco, Italy, £27.5

Oaked, full bodied, tones of chocolate, tobacco & almond.

125 Barolo D.O.C.G Please ask for producer, Italy, £45.0

Aged a min. 2 yrs in oak barrels, we only stock good ones!

126 Masarej Castello del Poggio, Italy, £42.5

100% Barbera, aromas of ripe fruit followed by spicy note. Structured & elegant with a long finish. Stunning!

127 Chianti classico Castello di Albola, Italy, £25.5

Medium bodied, hints of red cherries & light tannins.

128 Cannonau Valmell, Italy, £24.75 (133 RESERVE £28.75)

Great structure & depth.Produced in small quantities.

129 Riesi Feudo Principi di Butera, Italy, £38.95

A blend of Nero d’Avola & Syrah, aged in oak. Cherry & sweet almond, hints of spice, prune & coffee notes.

135 Ripasso della Valpolicella Zonin, Italy, £32.5

Remarkably complex, dry & harmonious.

131 Pinot Noir Baron Rothschild, Gironde, France, £25.0

Lightly coloured, delicately bitter-sweet and very moreish!

132 Primitivo di Manduria Due Palme, Italy, £26.75

Heavy fruit overtones, medium tanning, full nose, strong finish.

150 Villa Barbi Barbi, Italy, £23.0

Well balanced with intense flavours of cherry, plum, & leather.

151 Amarone Please Ask for producer, Italy, £55.0

Very ripe, smooth, full-bodied wine. A red wine lover’s treat.

Rosé Wine

147 HOUSE ROSÉ 175ml £4.50 / 250ml £5.95 / £16.95 Btl.

We stock several house rose wines, both dry & sweet, ask for more details.

149 House Sparkling Rosé £19.95

We always stock a good quality, dry, sparkling wine, usually Italian, please ask for the ones available today

152 Delicato Family Angel Flight, California, USA, £19.50

A medium rosé, made with white Zinfandel grape, this rosé is mellow and honey flavoured.

153 costaripa Rosamara, Italy £20.95

This rosé from Lake Garda is made using Marzemino, Sangiovese and Barbera grapes. Dry with ample perfume, good minerality and the lightest bitter-sweet almond tones. Stefano’s favourite rosé!

Champagne and Sparkling Wine

140/141 Champagne ½ btl £22.50 / £40.00

House Champagne NV, France

Please ask for the present label in stock. We select the best Champagne, usually from small family owned vineyards, the label changes, but the quality does not!

144 brachetto Castello di Poggio, Italy, £19.95

This is a great alternative to the traditional “Spumante”. Very alluring, pale ruby red in colour with a festive rosé mousse. Aromas of roses and musk with harmoniously sweet fruit. Silver medal winner.

145 Prosecco by the glass £5.95 /£19.95

Veneto, Italy. Italy’s answer to Champagne, (some say better tasting!) This is the “real thing”, D.O.C. and made with 100% Glera grape, the proper prosecco variety.

146 LAMBRUSCO Ariola, Emilia Romagna, Italy£19.95

This is the REAL Lambrusco, a red, sparkling wine, either dry or med sweet (amabile), not easy to find in the UK.

Drinks List

Wine Spritzer £4.95
Prosecco Spritz £6.25
Prosecco by the glass £5.95
Kir £5.25 Kir Royale £6.95
Peroni £3.95
Nastro Azzurro 330ml
Harveys £5.25
Armada 500ml
Longman Brewery £5.25
Long Blonde
Shepherd Neame £4.50
Spitfire 500ml
Thatchers Gold £5.25
Cider 500ml
Low Alcohol beer £3.45
Sherry, Port £5
Reserve Port from £7.50
Martini Dry & Rosso, Cinzano Bianco,
Dubonnet, Campari, Aperol £4.75
Bell’s Whisky, Gordon’s Gin, Brandy, Vodka,
Bacardi, Dark Rum, Canadian Club £4.75
Pernod, Southern Comfort, Malibu,
Jack Daniels £4.75
Grappa, Italian Amaro, Sambuca,
Malt Whisky, Armagnac, Calvados,
Reserve Brandy from £4.95
Dessert Wine £5.95
Cordial/Mineral Splash £1.50
Water & Cordial £1.95
Soda & Cordial £2.85
Orange, Apple Juice, J2O, AppletiSer £2.60
Coke, diet coke, Lemonade, £2.60
Italian Limonata, Aranciata £2.60
Iced Tea Lemon or Peach £2.85
Orange & Lemonade £2.85 pint £ 3.25
Orange & Bitter Lemon £3.25
Minerals Small £2.30 Large £2.85
Ginger Beer £2.60
Still & Sparkling Water
500ml £2.35 750ml £2.85


“Wine has been a part of civilised life for thousands of years.
It is the only beverage that feeds the body, soul & spirit of man and, at the same time, stimulates the mind”

Robert Mondavi


We also stock a variety of "Special Wines of the Month", please ask for further details.


All prices include VAT at the current rate

Please note that for tables of 6 or more a discretional 12.5% service charge will be added to the bill.

Due to the presence of nut in some products, there is a small possibility that nut traces may be found in any menu item

For more information about allergens please ask a member of staff

Dowload the wine list as a pdf

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