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Buon Appetito e Allegria! Serving Sussex since 1986

White Wine

115 HOUSE WHITE 175ml £4.25 / 250ml £5.75 / £15.95 Btl.

We stock several house whites, ask for more details.

105 Sauvignon McCorkindale, New Zealand, £32.00

Gooseberry, red currants, hints of passion fruit & lime zest

104 Soave Classico Ca’ Visco, Italy, £28.50

Dry with an intriguing freshness, fruity and savoury finish, we believe this will be the best Soave you will ever try.

103 Sancerre Domaine de Vacheron, France, £29.75

Concentrated gooseberry fruit flavours with a steely dry palate. One of the best Sancerre available today!

109 vermentino Costamolino di Sardegna, Italy, £24.00

Pine and mint coupled with ripe stone fruit and sweet citrus

110 Orvieto Classico Villa Barbi, Barbi, Italy, £22.00

Fruity, savoury with a hint of apricots & a fresh nose.

111 Grillo roceno Sibiliana, Italy, £22.00

Multilayered, rich in floral aromas and ripe peach fruit.

112 Pecorino Casal Thaulero, Italy, £24.50

Full bodied with citrus, pepper, mineral-rich flavour.

114 poggio alle fate Chardonnay £22.00

Castello di Albola, Italy. Unoaked, classic chardonnay, delizioso!

116 Gavi di Gavi Vigneti Lugarara, Italy, £26.00

Scents of green apples, crisp pears & fresh almonds, Powerful & delicate, Andrea Bocelli in a bottle.

106 vermentino di sardegna-aragosta £26.00

Santa Maria la Palma, Italy, Light and wonderful mineralogy, delightfully fresh. This is one of our all time favourite white wines.

117 verdicchio Fazi Battaglia, Italy, £26.50

Rounded lemon flavour, almond aromas and crisp finish. Probably the nicest Verdicchio in the World?

Red Wine

130 HOUSE RED 175ml £4.25 / 250ml £5.75 / £15.95 Btl.

We stock several house reds, ask for more details

121 Shiraz Sunnycliff, Australia, £21.50

Spices, liquorice & deep blackcurrant fruit.

123 Merlot Aquileia Superiore Ca` Bolani, Italy, £28.75

Soft & well rounded, full of strawberries & ripe currants.

124 Salice Salentino Riserva La Torre, Italy, £26.00

Oaked, full bodied, tones of chocolate, tobacco & almond.

125 Barolo D.O.C.G Please ask for producer, Italy, £40.00

Aged a min. 2 yrs in oak barrels, we only stock good ones!

126 Chateauneuf du Pape Telegramme, France, £42.50

Juicy berry flavours, layers of clove, star anise and pepper

127 Chianti classico Castello di Albola, Italy, £24.50

Medium bodied, hints of red cherries & light tannins.

128 Cannonau Bantu, Italy,£19.75 (reserve available at £24.75)

Great structure & depth.Produced in small quantities.

129 Riesi Feudo Principi di Butera, Italy, £38.95

A blend of Nero d’Avola & Shirah, aged in oak. Cherry & sweet almond, hints of spice, prune & coffee notes.

135 Ripasso della Valpolicella Zonin, Italy, £31.50

Remarkably complex, dry & harmonious.

131 Pinot Noir Baron Rothschild, Gironde, France, £22.00

Lightly coloured, delicately bitter-sweet and very moreish!

132 Primitivo di Manduria Due Palme, Italy, £25.00

Heavy fruit overtones, medium tanning, full nose, strong finish.

150 Villa Barbi Barbi, Italy, £22.00

Well balanced with intense flavours of cherry, plum, & leather.

151 Amarone Please Ask for producer, Italy, from £52.00

Very ripe, smooth, full-bodied wine. A red wine lover’s treat.

Rosé Wine

147 HOUSE ROSÉ 175ml £4.25 / 250ml £5.75 / £15.95 Btl.

We stock several house rose wine ask for more details.

149 Pinot Blush Zonin, Italy, £18.95

Not all Pinot Blush are born the same. This one has pedigree & you can taste it. Dry, satisfying & seriously good.

152 Delicato Family Angel Flight, California, USA, £18.50

A medium rosé, made with white Zinfandel grape, this rosé is mellow and honey flavoured.

153 costaripa Rosamara, Italy £18.50

This rosé from Lake Garda is made using Marzemino, Sangiovese and Barbera grapes. Dry with ample perfume,
good minerality and the lightest bitter-sweet almond tones. Stefano’s favourite rosé!

Champagne and Sparkling Wine

140/141 Champagne ½ btl £21.50 / £38.00

Guy Cadel NV, France From the heart of Champagne in Maredeuil, they produce only 5000 cases a year of this soft, well rounded Champagne.

144 brachetto Castello di Poggio, Italy, £19.95

This is a great alternative to the traditional “Spumante” Very alluring, pale ruby red in colour with a festive rosé mousse. Aromas of roses and musk with harmoniously sweet fruit. Silver medal winner.

145 Prosecco by the glass £5.95 /£19.95

Valdobiaddene, Italy. Italy’s answer to Champagne, (some say better tasting!) This is the “real thing”, D.O.C. and made with 100% Glera grape, the proper prosecco variety.
146 Spumante by the glass £5.95 / £19.95

Moscato Dolce, Italy. A classic Italian favourite, medium sweet.

Drinks List

Wine Spritzer £4.95
Prosecco Spritz £6.25
Prosecco by the glass £5.95
Kir £5.25 Kir Royale £6.95
Peroni £3.75
Nastro Azzurro 330ml
Harveys £4.95
Armada 500ml
Longman Brewery £4.95
Long Blonde
Shepherd Neame £3.95
Spitfire 500ml
Thatchers Gold £4.95
Cider 500ml
Sherry, Port £4.50
Reserve Port from £6.95
Martini Dry & Rosso, Cinzano Bianco,
Dubonnet, Campari, Aperol £4
Bell’s Whisky, Gordon’s Gin, Brandy, Vodka,
Bacardi, Dark Rum, Canadian Club £4
Pernod, Southern Comfort, Malibu,
Jack Daniels £4.25
Grappa, Italian Amaro, Sambuca,
Malt Whisky, Armagnac, Calvados,
Reserve Brandy from £4.75
Dessert Wine £4.95
Cordial/Mineral Splash £1
Water & Cordial £1.50
Soda & Cordial £2.85
Orange, Apple Juice, J2O, AppletiSer £2.25
Coke, Lemonade, Sparkling Orange £2.30
Italian Limonata, Aranciata £2.50
Iced Tea Lemon or Peach £2.75
Orange & Lemonade £2.75
Orange & Bitter Lemon £3.25
Minerals Small £2.15 Large £2.60
Ginger Beer £2.60
Still & Sparkling Water
500ml £2 750ml £2.60


“Wine has been a part of civilised life for thousands of years.
It is the only beverage that feeds the body, soul & spirit of man and, at the same time, stimulates the mind”

Robert Mondavi


We also stock a variety of Special Wines of the Month”, please ask for further details.


All prices include VAT at the current rate

Please note that for tables of 6 or more an optional 10% service charge will be added to the bill

Due to the presence of nut in some products, there is a small possibility that nut traces may be found in any menu item

For more information about allergens please ask a member of staff

Dowload the wine list as a pdf

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